Erik Sayle runs Axiom Resources Consulting and is uniquely positioned at the intersection of Biological and Computer Sciences. My diverse set of skills allow me to help almost any tech company in some capacity. Passionate about AgTech’s potential to address food security and environmental challenges. STEM-educated with years of practical experience, I am a hands-on problem solver, innovator.and consultant who specializes in all areas related to advanced technology.

Axiom Resources specializes in:

AgTech: Vertical Farming, Precision Agriculture, CEA Automation, Sensors, Hydroponics, Urban Agriculture, Lighting, Nutrition, Aquaponics, Greenhouses, HVAC, Plant & Rhizobial Microbiome and Epigenetics, BioPesticides, Pathology, IPM and Green Thumb for all Life forms!

Biotechnology: Diagnostics, Microbiology, Virology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Microfluidics, Bioengineering, Microarrays, DNA and Protein Chips, Synthetic Biology, Antibiotic Resistance, Infectious Agents, Proteomics, Oncology

Computer Technology: Internet, Software Engineering, Hardware, IOT, Machine Learning, AI, SQL Databases, Application Development

Business: Capital Equipment Sales, Sales, Marketing, SEO, International Business

Climate Change: Forecasting of how changing Climate affects you and your business, and it will!

Tech Forecasting:  Combining a wide varieties of tech, business and geopolitics to determine long term trends.

Other Tech: Artificial Intelligence, Singularity, Geography, GeoPolitics, Climate Change and Alternative Energy


Axiom Resources: 415-787-3402