Erik Sayle runs Axiom Resources Consulting and is uniquely positioned at the intersection of Biological and Computer Sciences. Passionate about AgTech’s potential to address food security and environmental challenges. STEM-educated with years of practical experience, I am a hands-on problem solver, innovator.and consultant who specializes in all areas related to advanced technology.

Axiom Resources specializes in:

AgTech: Vertical Farming, Precision Agriculture, CEA Automation, Sensors, Hydroponics, Urban Agriculture, Lighting, Nutrition, Aquaponics, Greenhouses, HVAC, Plant & Rhizobial Microbiome and Epigenetics, BioPesticides, Pathology, IPM and Green Thumb for all Life forms!

Biotechnology: Genomics, Microbiology, Virology, Bioinformatics, Microfluidics, Bioengineering, Microarrays, DNA and Protein Chips, Synthetic Biology, Antibiotic Resistance, Infectious Agents, Diagnostics, Proteomics, Oncology

Computer Technology: Internet, Software Engineering, Hardware, IOT, Machine Learning, SQL Databases, Application Development

Business: Capital Equipment Sales, Sales, Marketing, SEO, International Business

Other Tech: Artificial Intelligence, Singularity, Geography, GeoPolitics, Climate Change and Alternative Energy


Axiom Resources: 415-787-3402