Tech Forecasting

We provide consulting services to many different types of companies. We play a leadership role in the evolution and application of scenario thinking, planning, and complementary strategic tools with a biologically-rooted emphasis. We work closely with companies, governments, and non-profit organizations to explore the future of industries, technologies, resources, logistics, products and services, customers, and geographic areas. Some of these efforts are focused around specific decisions involving major, long-term investments; others are designed to foster innovation and corporate transformation. We also develop multiclient projects often around emerging markets and technologies.

Companies (many, especially manufacturing, biotech, communications) : Help figure out how your company can be competitive in a future bioworld. We can help you to brainstorm on new uses for existing products or use us to help find new synergistic products that keep you competitive.
Venture Capitalists. Prepare your portfolio companies for the biofuture. Build scenarios with us that help you to keep your companies products or services useful in a rapidly changing environment.
Government (Federal, State, County, certain foreign): The think tank gives access to the government at a discounted rate, simply to cover costs as a non-profit. The consultancy may charge higher rates.
We can also work with individual consultants to find them work in cutting-edge areas.
Investors. In these volatile times, investors are having a hard time figuring out where to invest safely. By identifying promising technologies that have both upside and downside benefits, as well as good moral investments, we may be able to help you to invest optimally.
Large Property Owners. A possible close term scenario is cities being attacked. This may drastically affect property values. We can help property owners to lower their exposure by diversifying or otherwise preparing. Related to this, one of the first steps in adapting will likely be to retrofit ventilation systems, especially in larger buildings. This may be a process in which we can help.

Building businesses for tomorrows problems – today!

In the coming decades, many new challenges will arise from the exponential pace of innovation. The most serious of these are those associated with the intersection between Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences, Climate Change and Food Security. Technological innovations are certain to grow to be the central factor involved in the urgent decisions which will define the early 21st century. In order to rapidly adapt and build a more robust society in the face of these new and constantly evolving challenges, we provide a consultancy. Our goal is to help the private sector to deal with the urgent challenges which are now emerging. We build detailed scenarios of future worlds, then place ourselves in these worlds. From here we visualize what we might need to survive and prosper, on a personal as well as societal level. From here we cross reference these ideas with our custom database of cutting edge research in biotech, nanotech and IT at various labs and companies. A goal is to accellerate the devlopment of promising technologies by the private sector through our non profit organization or actual consulting. Three initial areas to focus include new robust technologies, infrastructure changes, and effective and fair implementation of surveillance. What sets us apart from other such think tanks is our “biotech” focus, our ability to think out of the box, and our successful “predictions” of many events and trends.

Brainstorming about potential problems of tomorrow for solutions today!
There are many ways we may be able to help your firm prepare for tomorrow. We tell it like we see it, which may not always be pleasant, but by preparing today we feel we will all be happier tomorrow.


Contact us and see for yourself; we understand your needs and can convert them into solutions!
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