AGTECH: We have a diverse background in Plants, IOT, Microbiology that allows us to provide unique solutions.

  • Design and Implementaion of Indoor Ag. We can help with design and installation of a variety of advanced indoor and greenhouse systems including HVAC, Fertigation, Growroom design, and all aspects of Cultivation.
  • Our Microbiology background allows us to diagnose pathogens as well as work towards solving your problems via microbes or other techniques.
  • Propagation. We have developed propagation systems and can help you develop one as well.

STARTUPS: Our extensive background in startups allow us to help in almost all aspects from technical to business to sales and marketing.

  • Tech: Whatever your tech is, there is a good chance we can understand and help you solve your challenges.
  • Biotechnology: We have a strong background in biotech so can understand and work to solve your challenges.
  • Swiss Army Knife: We have worn many hats in startups.


  • Due Diligence and Competitive Analysis: Our background and knowledgebase allow us to research on almost any topic.
  • Sales and Marketing: We have extensive background in Sales and Marketing
  • Inside Sales: We can manage a phone campaign for almost any purpose or help with customer or tech support.
  • Marketing: We love to help build a marketing media for your company for both print and web.
  • Website Development and Mgmt: Very familiar with websites including WordPress and Social Media.



Axiom Resources: 415-787-3402