Climate Change

Climate Change is happening much faster than most people and businesses realize.  Climate systems are rapidly destabilizing such that events are occurring in 2018 that were predicted to occur in 2040.  We would expect this to affect almost every person and business on the planet to some extent or another. There is both risk and opportunity here.

We have spent extensive time learning about meteorology and the effects of Climate Change and offer our services to help you become more resilient in the face of rapid climate change. CC has become politicized so it is often difficult to know who to believe. Even many who believe it is real don’t recognize the magnitude of these changes tho recently it is becoming more apparent as climate records are being broken globally everyday.  We use science and cut through politics to identify likely ways climate can affect you.  Some of the questions we can help with include:

  • What might the climate be like where you live or work in the next 1-20 years?
  • What will the climate be like where our customers or vendors are?
  • Are our products and services hardened to deal with changed climate?
  • If you are in Ag these challenges are not going away, what crops can you grow and how can you moderate temps for your crops?
  • If you are in Greenhouses extreme heat may destroy your crops. We can help you assess this and recommend emergency cooling systems or ways to deal with this.
  • Smoke has affected farmers all over California and this is likely to continue in the near term as more forests burn.

Some examples include:
The long term forecast for California is mostly more heat and drought with occasional extreme rain.  The last 8 years are a harbinger of this where we had 5 years of progressive intense drought followed by record breaking torrential rains and then another year of drought and heat such that the forests of California and the West Coast are primed to burn essentially until they inevitably burn and even then shrubs will continue the fire danger.  Related to this is unprecedented heat in regions that are not prepared for this.  Santa Barbara recently saw temps over 11F in an area where it rarely goes above 90 and this devastated many greenhouses.
Agriculture in the valley should expect more heat and water issues so planting heat tolerant plants able to handle daily temps of 110F are essential. Water may be less of an issue as there is an extensive water table but still a concern. Coastal farms where the temps have historically stayed in cooler ranges may have periods of intense heat and thus should invest $ in emergency cooling for their Greenhouses to avoid heat damage. This can include installing a fogging system to cool and increase humidity or Chillers to pump cool water around facility or Air Conditioning systems. It is probably a good idea to maintain reservoirs for emergency cooling. Maintaining reservoirs of water for cooling.

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