About Us

Erik Sayle runs Axiom Resources Consulting. I have loved nature all my life. In my youth I hiked and scuba dove along the rugged coast of California extensively. I initially chose Oceanography as a major but quickly changed to studying Molecular Biology/Microbiology/Chemistry to help me understand all mechanisms of nature from a deeply scientific viewpoint. This strong education gave me the technical tools and knowledge to understand almost any challenge.
My business skills have often found me at the cutting edge of science for instance starting a job board dedicated to Bioinformatics back in 1997. I built this job board by identifying the hottest companies in the Genomics space and helped advertise their jobs and identify candidates. This website was eventually sold to a biotech portal where I was the President and oversaw a vast number of areas.
Before that I worked in labs purifying antibodies and sold cancer diagnostics (antibodies and DNA Probes)  to hospitals and researchers across America. I initially was a regional salesperson but during my time there I wore almost every hat in the Sales and Marketing department.  I took courses in Sales and had excellent sales skills as well as technical support skills.  This allowed me to learn how the clinical medicine world worked as well as working with many researchers to design their experiments and troubleshoot them.
More recently I have become interested in how to help feed the world in more sustainable ways. I have grown a wide variety of living things, from coral propagation to Aquaponics to hydroponics to Closed Environment Agriculture to traditional Ag.  In particular I am very interested in utilizing my skills to innovate new ways to grow plants.
I have come to identify Climate Change as a massively disruptive challenge that humanity must face even tho we appear to be psychologically poor at seeing this challenge for what it is.  I started in 2009 to read and learn about CC as it appears it would destroy much of what I love in Nature.  This studying allows me to understand the forces at work and how they can interact.

I read voraciously and stay abreast of all current topics in science and agriculture. Some other areas of interest include Epigenetics, Microbiome, Antibiotic Resistance and other areas.

Axiom Resources: 415-787-3402